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Help needed on Gamo 440
« on: June 10, 2008, 09:02:19 AM »
I don't know if you remember me but I purchased a GRTIII trigger and installed in a refurb. Gamo Hunter 440 bought from Cabelas.  I've had lingering problems with scope creep and was plagued with inconsistent accuracy which I attributed to my ignorance of springers.  

Friday the cocking cycle started feeling rough and then p.o.i. abruptly raised some 100+ clicks at 10 yards.  I was thinking a broken spring but still unsure so shot a few times attempting to rezero ... then noticed that Bushnell 4-12X elevation turret had moved inward.  I stopped shooting, removed failed scope, replaced with a 4X and was able to rezero with a few shots, however I found this scope was at absolute minimum elevation setting after rezeroing.  

I decided to try and locate real source of my problems.  I disassembled rifle including the trigger ... then I found out the trigger can be removed as as an assembed component...!  What I found after removing a lot of grease was a main spring was in three pieces and a piston seal with a deep notch that had eroded from 0.06 on face to 0.30 on back side of seal.  I know about when spring failed last but I suspect seal may have been damaged for quite a while, am also clueless when first spring failure occurred.  OBTW this 440 has less than 2,500 shots since I purchased refurb.  

When I first bought rifle I shot through my Chrony Beta and both Crosman wad cutters and Gamo domes were in 890-930 fps range.  Sure wish that I'd shot through chrono again prior to disassembly.  How this rifle ever grouped at all remains a complete mystery to me !

I have a few questions:  
1.  Does someone know if Gamo will sell service parts to a customer?

2.  If not then where can I source parts I need to rebuild: seal (12540), main spring(16090), 3-diameter plastic collar (16320), fore-end screws (16350), cocking roller (14300)?

3.  Does anyone have experience and/or assembly jig to re-assemble trigger that I have disassembled?  I'm not at all confident about putting it back together.

Update:  We have a new grandson born last Friday in Durham, NC.  We're leaving to go see him next week so will be back East where it seems many GTA forum members are located.

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