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« on: June 19, 2006, 09:54:31 AM »
Nothing seems to be short and simple anymore…lol…

Again, I would like to thank everybody for all of the e-mails that I have received, and there have been 3-4 hundred of them as well as all of the phone calls. But yer killin’ me …lol… They were coming in at the rate of between 10-15 per hour and my ISP contacted me informing me that I needed to clean up my mail as it was to the point that I was exceeding my capacity or limits or something to that effect. They are slowing down considerably now though. I hope that you can understand that I’m unable to respond to all of them individually and have answered many but my two typing fingers are about worn out. For those that have not received a response, please don't feel that I have neglected you or feel offended. I really do appreciate your concern and support.

Because of what has happened over the last week, a lot has changed in my life within the airgun community as you well know. When Gene had first started to put the GTA together, he asked me to be a co-administrator. At that time, I thanked him but declined explaining that because of the position I was in and with so many irons in the fire and that it may cause conflicts in other areas and on other forums and I didn't want to create any problems as well as the fact of being time consuming. I would just as well not but would help him in any way that I could.

Well now things have drastically changed. Since then I have been surgically dismembered by CT Steve and a few others on the YP’s, and have been permanently been banned from there and now I have absolutely no reason to be concerned about any conflicts. I have absolutely no desire to be affiliated with the”other” forum what-so-ever. He threw me out so I'll stay out. Another thing that has happened is that Steve-in-NC has tried so hard to destroy this forum as well as Gene’s credibility. I'll never understand how or why a person could so viciously attack a person that is doing no more than helping others and be so unrelenting in doing it.. And still continues doing it. That relationship has been forever severed.

And it might be well worth noting something here. If there was ever a person that Gene would or should ever have pushed the button on, it is Steve-in-NC. No one should be allowed to be so disruptive and abusive as Steve has been to Gene. But Gene never deleted any of his posts, banned him or even said anything negative to or about him and he certainly had every right to. All he did, as well as some of you, our members, was ask him to stop, which of course Steve has not done. Now to me that shows that Gene is a person of character and integrity. The bible says to turn the other cheek and that Gene has done time and again. But if I were Gene I would say “Lord, I don't mind keeping on turning the other cheek, but can I have a Tylenol please”. You as members just couldn't ask for a better leader and I feel honored to be associated with Gene and call him a friend.

I have for all intent and purposes closed down the CharlieDaTuna website as well as having closed down all sales aspects including the tuning business. I have put all of those things behind me. I now have time, a lot more of it.

Now that all of this has come to pass, and if Gene would still like me to be the co-administrator to these forums I would be more than happy to accept that position as an officer of these forums but with an understanding. I will do it only if I’m accepted by you, our membership. I know there may be some nay sayers and I can accept that with no issues. But if the body for the most part endorses it then I will accept Gene’s offer. But again, this is your forum and without your backing or endorsement I would still decline. It sure would be nice if you voice your opinion. Like it was originally said, the foundation of this, the GTA forum is… of the people for the people.

Regardless, my objective now is to do all that I can to endorse, promote and support this forum with everything I can do with or without that position. I will be more involved now that much of this is behind us and the new days come. I think the concept of these forums here is fantastic and I feel this will be a not just a good forum, but a great forum as we move on. Nothing is perfect and there will always be little bumps in the road but you guys will be able to handle them. I just know you will. I will be available to all of you with any help that I can provide just as in the past and probably even more so now. If I can help any of you with anything at all, feel free to ask. I was going to remove my CDT e-mail address but I decided not to do that either so that remains the same so I’m never very far away.

That brings me to the next thing. In almost all of the multitude of e-mails that I have received as well a phone calls, the number one and two things other than you and others offering their support was to please reconsider closing down the website and not to get out of the tuning aspect of it. This comes from the newbie’s to the old timers to a couple of long time well established and well known pro-tuners.

Well let me say this about that…lol… As for tuning, at this point in time I have no desire to reopen the tuning side of it. I like it, to me its fun and I really like seeing the results and accomplishment every time. Well, almost every time…lol… I may later change my mind about that but at this moment I just don't know.

As far as the website is concerned, right now I will leave up what is there, at least for the next couple of weeks. At that time I'll cross that bridge. If I do decide to keep a website, the existing one will come down and I will completely restructure and replace it with another one. However, my goal at this point, as well as Gene’s is getting the GTA established and on it’s feet. I really want this to succeed, not for me, but for you guys so that not only do you have a place that you can call home, but a home that you can comfortably share with friends.

Thank you my friends.


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I vote yes to Charlie being a co-administrator
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2006, 10:50:32 AM »
I'm glad to see your sticking in there and not letting the bullies push you around.

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« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2006, 11:18:41 AM »
If this is where we're voting, then YES. :)
As far as the bru-haha goes, I don't have much to add. I don't have a CDT tuned gun, although I've heard good things about them. I was in contact with Bob in reference a repair & tune on a HW. He advised me on a 'tuner' and I couldn't be happier with the work AND the turnaround time.
I have every intent (unless somebody drops the hammer on me) of visiting multiple forums & would hope that I can continue to learn & participate in an 'adult' environment.

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« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2006, 11:44:03 AM »
Hey Bob,

I just bought two 2240 sears from you and they work great.  Is there any way that someone can buy the design from you so that they are available to new people and tuners?  I just read about all this, and I am elated and crushed at the same time.  Where am I going to get more sears?  But at least we have a good forum to post on now.  Some "other" forums are not as open minded as this one seems to be.

Zach Allen