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B26 177 caliber
« on: November 30, 2006, 02:03:56 PM »
I had to order this one for myself, but I might turn around and sell.

The gun came in along with a 22 caliber that was ordered. The 177 had alot of twang and spring noise, and rattled some. The wood was very nice, on par with the b40 wood, I might have got lucky. I wanted to see if the tube was larger than the 25mm as before; so i measured the tube it came to be 29.4 mm, with a internal Dia of 25.98 mm very close but still no 26mm. The .02 mm I can live with.

I tore into the gun to see if the insides have been tighten, to my surprise the inside was very smooth no sharp edges at all. The seal was in way nicked or cut in any way. Seems the Chinese has tightened the QC of there guns, at least the b26 line anyway.  The tru-glo sites are very nice and easy to see. The cocking was very ruff for the gun, and the trigger was bad very stiff.

Now the good part...

I had my tools and spring compressor and went to town. I removed the stock screws front and rear. I notice they had some loctite on them, first I've seen of this; removed the action out of the stock, to my surprise it was very dry. Just a little bit of oil on the outside. The barrel link was removed and cleaned up it had the most of the thick grease on it, around the pivot attachement. Clean it and set to the side, I polished the pivot screw, and added a very light coat of molly paste on  it. The trigger was removed and cleaned up, links where polished and mollied. The cross pins where  polished up some they had some very light rust on them. I also added my signature to the gun, polished the safety and second stage adjustment screw.

The spring was removed and checked for bend and kinks, it was bad. The bends was every couple of inches, along the complete spring. I straighten them out and polished and deburred the ends. The rear guide was ok, sanded smooth the end and made it  as flat as I could, and added molly. The cylinder was cleaned out, and crosshatched, the cylinder was tru no wobble in the tube or any high spots.

The rear spring guide was heat shrinked for less slop between it and the spring. The gun was put back together, loctited  the screws and let it set for a couple of hours for it to dry.

The gun was chronied using 10 shots, here's the results. The gun is stock besides the work listed above...
gamo hunters 8.3 gr ( give or take)
1. 876.6
2. 876.4
3. 876.9
4. 874.5
5. 872.4
6. 870.6
7. 872.3
8. 870.4
9. 876.6
10 874.6

Min. 870.4
Max 876.9
Avg. 874.1
Med. 874.5
Extreme Spread 6.50
SD 2.54
FTLBS 14.09

here's a pic of the rifle.

let\'s all have fun at what we do

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Dem dere Gamo Hunters...
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2006, 03:05:54 PM »
I found that my B20 shot them faster than either the Gamo Match or the CPL.

Can you get parts for the B26? Specifically, the fiber-optic sights? They look like they oughta fit just fine on a B20.

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RE: Dem dere Gamo Hunters...
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2006, 02:09:48 AM »
let me see what I can do. I have a set that I removed from the b26 if I can't get them seperate
let\'s all have fun at what we do