Author Topic: Information Regarding the Air rfile  (Read 2991 times)

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Information Regarding the Air rfile
« on: January 20, 2009, 06:07:41 AM »

Can anyone tell me the difference between the Beeman HW30, Beeman R7, R9 and HW 50 S about there performance, accuracy etc. Please do let me know which one is good for competition and can be kept for long run.



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Re: Information Regarding the Air rfile
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2009, 09:34:22 AM »
Beeman R7 is basically the same as the HW30 but with a nicer stock. Not worth the price difference and they both shoot the same. I do not own an R9 but my HW50s is allot different shooter than the B-26 which I did own. Tommy Cupples has my HW 50 and he owns a couple of the B-26's and maybe an R9. He may be able to chime in on your post.

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RE: Information Regarding the Air rfile
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2009, 02:19:52 AM »
Denzil, I have a HW30 (Perfekt trigger model) a HW50s, and have owned an R9. The current HW30 being imported by Beeman is the HW30s, which has the Rekord trigger. The only difference between an HW30s and an R7 is the checkering on the stock, action and performance are the same. In .177 the HW30/R7 usually shoots high 500 to low 600s FPS with normal weight pellets. The HW30/R7 is a superbly built, very accurate, easy to cock rifle. I highly recommend it. The HW50s is much like a HW30/R7 on steroids. it is an overall larger, slightly heavier rifle. It uses an action simialr to the HW30/R7, but the action is larger overall. The HW50 is also a very. very accurate rifle. The cocking effort on the HW50s is quite a bit higher than on the HW30/R7. I'd call the effort slightly less than an R9. The HW50s in .177 typically shoots in the high 700s - mid 800s FPS with mormal weight pellets.
The R9 is a light magnum springer, about tow inches longer overall than the HW50s at 42". The R9 is larger and heavier, although it is not a "big" rfile by today's magnum springer standards. The cocking effort on the R9 thypically runs in the 35-40 lb. range. The R9 typically shoots in the mid 800s - low 900s in .177. The R9 is probably the best overall hunting rifle of the lot. The R9 will be the most hold sensitive and toughest to master to shoot well of these rifles, although it is not nearly as challenging as one of the big "Super Magnums."
I have done a lot of pest bird shooting with both my HW30 and HW50s and they have both served flawlessly at ranges of 20-40 yds.
You asked what would be the best rifle for competition. What kind of competition? Any of these rifles would be fine for informal target shooting, plinking, light hunting, the HW50s and R9 could be used in Hunter Class FT competiton.
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RE: Information Regarding the Air rfile
« Reply #3 on: January 21, 2009, 03:15:50 AM »
Peak as usual knows all the skinny on the air rifles.  I would add that the HW30s that I own is a fine "little" rifle for a big fellow like me.  I did put a sock-type recoil pad with cheek rest on the stock to give me an extra inch of length of pull and raise the ambi cheek piece just a tad.  The HW30s is just a pleasure to shoot.  Very easy and smooth cocking action.  Very quiet for a springer.  Perhaps the ultimate suburban back yard springer and fun-to-shoot springer.  With a decent 32MM objective scope that will focus to 7.5 yards, it can be used for anything from shooting 10 meter targets to nailing small bushy tailed rodents out to 30 yards.  My HW30s also benefited greatly from a good lube tune. I could shoot this little rifle all day long with absolutely no fatigue, something hard to say about most springers.