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Yeah, but the problem is...
« Reply #30 on: December 13, 2006, 12:42:13 PM »
...that NJ has no authority to tell a business in another state how they are to conduct their affairs. They can't demand that Compasseco or Dauven's or Midsouth or anyone else retain a copy of anything or have anyone fill out a questionaire.

And meanwhile my local police are telling me that my FID automatically means that any long guns in my posession are legal (except for assault weapons, of course). So the whole thing doesn't seem to make any sense, nor does it appear to be even remotely enforceable.

Oh, well... at least all these nit-picky gun laws have given NJ the blessings of an extremely low murder and violent crime rate and... oh, wait - no they haven't!

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RE: Yeah, but the problem is...
« Reply #31 on: December 13, 2006, 03:36:09 PM »
LMAO, I was thinking the same thing about the crime rate!  About the businesses in other states....I had the same question in mind.  For instance, I purchased a Shadow for a relative last year.  I had gone to Pa on vacation, went to a Walmart and bought questions asked ( really weird feeling, he he he).  Now I bring it back to NJ (I have a FAID card so I'm not worried) so what is the difference??? When you purchase on the net, you are purchasing out of state and instead of delivering it yourself, someone in the brown truck brings it too you.  If I don't have a FAID and I make the purchase, then I would be the one who would have to worry about making an illegal purchase (by NJ standards anyway)...I don't see how a buisness should really care either way.  It ultimately would be the buyer problem if he was doing something illegal.  I realize that all this won't change a blessed thing...just venting my frustrations.

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RE: need holiday advice please....
« Reply #32 on: December 13, 2006, 09:28:01 PM »
Hi Buck,
Difficult to give any precise suggestions about scopes as the pricing policies in the States are so much different from the UK. Also, over here, we seem to have quite a bit of "price snobbery", meaning that if you don't possess 4 or 5 high end scopes, you are somewhat lacking. (Sad crowd sometimes, the Brits!)
BSA have a good reputation, but it's worth bearing in mind that most scopes of modest cost nearly all come out of the same few Chinese factories and are simply branded and then priced accordingly. We have retailers selling "own name" scopes thet are identical to big names but at less than half the price. I'm not 100% certain, but I would guess that "Leapers" is a take off on "Leupold"! Your own countrymen (and gals) should be able to point you to reliable names at sensible prices over there.
The important things are, that the scope is manufactured especially for air guns, due to the hard double recoil and also make sure that it is parellaxed for 35yards. I understand that many scopes for powder burners are set for 50 and  100yards, which is no good for airgun hunting. The other point is that you really need very solid one piece scope mounts, preferably with a stop pin, again because of the recoil. Less than solid mounts will simply walk off the rear of the gun after a few shots!
These suggestions go for any full power air rifle, not just the CFX.
In my case I'm waiting for an AGS 3-9 X 40, which has been suggested by more experienced friends as a good scope at modest price ($68 in UK). I haven't got it yet, as it is to be a Christmas pressy from my daughters!
Happy shooting whichever rifle you get. It will probably be the start of a collection.

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RE: need holiday advice please....
« Reply #33 on: December 14, 2006, 12:21:18 AM »
thanks for responding! i ended up getting the package set anyhow... it comes with a 3-9x50. The folks at Gamo told me that the new elite's mount is a good one, one piece... so I'll give it a run. If we do love airgunning I'm sure we'll figure out if the scope is holding us back. Thanks again.

Sorry, didn't realize you were in the UK. It seems as if airgunning is very popular there and elsewhere in europe... can you shoot centerfire rifles in the UK (for hunting I mean)? Or do you have the same problem we do in NJ:  too many people + not enough open hunting land = no highpower allowed.

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RE: need holiday advice please....
« Reply #34 on: December 14, 2006, 01:09:49 AM »
Hi Buck
I'm sure you will enjoy yourself with the Hunter; good luck with it.
Yes airguns and airgun hunting is popular in the UK, but as a nation, we are not as at ease with guns of any sort as you are. Many people here would like to ban even air guns. Air guns are not licenced, but we are only allowed to carry them in public, closed in a case or gunslip, from our homes, to a club or private land where we have (preferably written) permission to shoot. Such land is difficult to find.
Hunting with .22lr has a following too, but there we need a Firearm Certificate from the local police, involving criminal record investigations  and proof of need for the gun etc. etc. Not impossible, but a hassle. Every round of ammo has to be entered on the cert. and I think that even the location where you will use the gun has to be entered as well. Again, transport only from A to B, not via C!
Regards centrefire; it does exist here, for hunting deer and I think the odd wild pig, but the limitations are same as or worse than .22 and it is VERY expensive, both for the guns and the ammo. Not popular therefore.

We live in a free country, where you can say whatever you like as long as it does not upset the government or people of other races or religions or sexual orientation. All handguns (except air) have been banned, the police are generally unarmed and so normally only the criminals systematically carry guns. A fools paradise???

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RE: need holiday advice please....
« Reply #35 on: December 14, 2006, 01:44:54 AM »
Oh how facinating. I used to travel throughout the UK and western europe quite a bit years ago - much for business, but also for holidays, it was cheaper to spend a weekend in London or week in Amsterdam than it was to visit most cities in my own country!

I always marvelled at how europeans loved the 'cowboy' idea of americans - it just always made me laugh, as there are so few real ones left. But now its clearer. We think our gun laws are tight here, but compared to you (registering every round of ammo!) we really indeed must seem like a nation of cowboys.

My dearest friend growing up was from Marlborough in the UK, I used to spend summers over there with her family when I was a kid. We met up a few years ago in NYC and she kept going on about wanting to move to the US, how we're so free & healthy. I almost choked to death laughing! I had told her how I wanted to move to the UK! Europeans seem to have a better grip on what it is to really live - valuing quality of life and not getting as wrapped up as we are with the rat race - and everyone is so much more laid back, especially the police.

I had a friend once from Paris that was here for a while.  I lent him my car to drive around once, and he got pulled over by a cop. He said it was the most terrifying experience of his life, being surprised in the dark, chased down, then yelled at until he was shaking. He couldnt wait to get home.

Oh well, grass always seems greener someplace else. Thanks for the info, its very interesign.