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Notice--- About Steve's Trigger
« on: March 18, 2009, 05:47:45 AM »

As almost everyone knows on this forum, that for nearly three years, Steve Woodward, also known as Steve-in-NC and the YP forum owner, CT Steve, has deleted every post regarding the GRT-III trigger as well as any posts regarding the GTA forum, me or the CharlieDaTuna website. There were unconstrained accusations and countless numbers of people have been threatened to be banned, banned, flamed and maltreated for any mention of the above. There was no boundary or limits in what would be done to destroy Gene and the GTA forum as well as myself and the GRT-III trigger.

Every effort was made to prevent exposure, publicity or promotion of the GRT-III trigger as well as the GTA forum or the CDT website no matter what the cost on the YP’s.

Well the worm has now turned.

Of course we will not follow the policies that the YP administration has taken over there for the past almost three years with the exception of one thing. After all this time and abuse by both Steve’s regarding the GRT-III trigger, our forum and our membership, the shoe is now on the other foot.

From this point on, any post and/or any reference or response to Steve-in NC’s trigger will be immediately deleted.

Unlike what was done to us, Gene and I, as well as our members will make no derogatory remarks regarding him or a trigger. There will be no flaming or banning and no threats made. But… there will be no promoting of his products either. We will just delete the post and or responses.

Both Steve’s had their own personal agendas in their pursuits, especially Steve-in-NC. Some will accuse me of doing this in my own self interests. Well guess what… for the most part you are right. Any products and especially any trigger manufactured and/or marked by Steve-in-NC will not be promoted or permitted here and any reference to them will be deleted just as was done by them all those years without all of the other consequences.

Our forum will not support or promote Steve-in-NC

So be aware of the fact that if someone does post anything regarding his trigger, you can expect it will be deleted.

Also, I would expect that there will now be a change in attitude over there and perhaps a bit of relaxation in their policyies because it will fit his agenda.... and in the amount of time it took for them to change, almost three years, maybe we'll relax ours.

Gene and I have discussed this and believe those that have been a part of our forum over the past almost three years or have had the unfortunate experience of posting any of the above over there will surely understand.

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