Author Topic: GTA still a great place to be?  (Read 2471 times)

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GTA still a great place to be?
« on: March 20, 2009, 08:55:52 AM »
Maybe, but maybe not as good as it used to be. Recently there has been allot of things going on ,on the GTA that I have problems with and I am sure that some others have problems with as well and it has gotten to a point now that I feel I need to say something to get it off my chest. it seems to me that people are being treated differently if you have been around for a while than if you are a newcomer case in point this guy however wrong what he did was hung out to dry and bashed by many members while when a similar circumstance happened to a long term member the outcome was 100% different and we were told that it would be looked into it but once again Barry Was not bashed by a bunch of members it was swept under the rug it seems to me that we should treat people the same regardless if they have 1 post or 50000 and it does not seem like this is being done. another thing that has bothered me lately is The GTA is supposed to be a family forum and some of the stuff that is talked about or implied I do not feel is even a little appropriate such as nice pics for a family forum huh? or even stuff like do you want to explain what a pasty is to your young child and even if you do does that fall into a family environment? the other thing that seems to really chap my butt is it seems to me that CDT has to big of an influence on what goes on here and when he does stick his nose into something and does say he is going to look into something it becomes a huge deal like Gene,Peak and some others were interested in seeing the results of this but Bob in his infinite wisdom seems to have shot it down and changed everyone's mind hmmmmmm interesting .and this was one of the poorest displays of business I have seen in a while but Bob can post this slamming a person for some small flaws that he had with the trigger and instaed of taking it under consideration that maybe the holes could be a little better he bashes the crap out of this guy and we all helped out the guy had a ? and bob blew it all up and out of proportion IMHO .Here is another one how was the CD Charlie Unsafe? Safe? or you have no idea? thanks for the protection though. some of the things that people get way with stating on the forum is getting a little silly as well Jaymo has posted more racial crap on here then I would care to get into and that I feel is bs everyone is entitled to their opinion but I believe that opinions in regard to race *_*_*_*_*_*ual orientation and such have no place on this forum and am a little surprised that it has been allowed to carry on for as long as it has . one last thing I would like to say is the whole issue on sil***ers how is it that depending on who you are you can sell or talk about them case in point  nice part gun looks great but it looks like the end of the "shroud only has a hole slightly larger than the pellet which leads me to believe that if you were to take the "shroud "and move it towards the end of the barrel it would create an air chamber therefore making the report of the gun quieter heck how about this I just want to see this place get back to the way it was without all the bs if offended anyone that was not my intention just how I feel.

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Re: GTA still a great place to be?
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2009, 10:23:58 AM »
This post has been merely a post from a member who is very concerned about what is happening on the GTA. He has some good points and has forgotten that communication at the time of a post is very important. The GTA moderators are here to help and when a member see's a post that is inapropriate should immediatly contact the forum's moderator or an Admin.

The GTA belongs to every member and how it is run depends on members voicing there constructive positions. I have always said that if anyone has a suggestion please contact me. Do not post a complaint on the GTA forums before you talk to us.

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