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« on: February 03, 2007, 04:40:14 PM »
I recived the B26-2 on Friday and was impressed with the rifle, wood is outstanding compared to a Gamo 440/220/890 and the fit and finish is also outstanding.

Shot the rifle over the Crony after a good barrel clean and I was using Gamo Tomahawk 8.2 gr pellets for the test. 865.1 average and an average devation of 8.32, pretty impressive for a rilfe rated at 820 fps. One of the few rifles that really do what they are avertised to shoot.

Very little spring twang and it took only a few shots with heavy pellets to stop smoking, never did get a crack out of the rifle even the first shot out the barrel.
Now the next thing is doing a cut down of the HIGH comb so I can even shoot it with a scope on it, I have a new BSA scope ready to mount but need to get the stock so I can see through the scope first. So it will a few days before I get the stock cut down and refinshed to give any results on the accuracy of the rifle. Then when I finally do shoot the rifle then I am going to tear down the rifle and do a tune on it, already made a barrel shroud for the rifle and it looks pretty good so far.

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RE: B26-2
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Can't wait till mine gets here, like that barrel shroud Rich are them a item that you sell on your site. Thanks Ed
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