Author Topic: walther talon .22 new production changes/ review  (Read 3217 times)

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walther talon .22 new production changes/ review
« on: July 20, 2009, 02:57:33 PM »
I recently purchased a walther talon .22. (same gun as the walther falcon) It was received by pyramid air on 7-7-09 and then sent to me. It seems to have a lot of production changes from earlier versions. First off, i want to say that the gun has awsome accuracy right out of the box. The iron sights were dead on first shots. some of the things i noticed differant from earlier production models is that it only has 1 screw on each side of the stock ( up front). The spot where the other screws were located has been blocked off. it also has a differant shaped cocking arm (the steel piece that connects between the barrel and the spring). It also has only a regular oring as a breech seal (earlier versions had what looked like a piece of rubber cut off hose). Ealier versions supposededly had a "pin" at the barrel pivod that had a tendacy to "walk out". It now has a screw of some sort. All the screws on mine were tight and have stayed tight after about 500 pellets. I am sure there are other production changes that i dint notice or i forgot to mention here.
The gun is totally accurate and has been sinse out of the box. I know it is supposed to have a break in but it's been shooting great from the get go. Very accurate and hard hitting. It does have a lot of kick and its heavy. The stock is still hollow and the plastic trigger and safety are still there but none of that has affected me in the least. The trigger could be a little easier but ther are ways to make it that way. After i adjusted the screw on the trigger, it is definately a two stage trigger. I cant chrony it but it puts hole through 20 gauge steel with daisy .22 14.3g wadcutters. Sometimes the pellets just shatter into pieces though. It definately will be a critter killer. i was able to set the zero on the scope that came with it at 20 yards in 3 shots. Whats nice about the stock scope is you can still see the iron sights with it on. It groups at about 3/8" at 20 yards (bench rest) and i wonder if thats just because im 46 and can't shoot like i did when i was 12. The trigger pull does make grouping harder.
The bluing on the gun is perfect. no flaws.
I bought a centerpoint 4x16x40 at walmart. the scope looked awsome and had really nice features. It was clear but it was really picky with the focus. It was harder to zero than the cheap scope that came with the gun and once i got it zeroed after about 30 shots, I decided to just shoot at the target bullseye some. On the 3rd shot, i watched as the scope suddenly when a little blurry after i shot the 3rd bulleye shot. I adjusted it to clear it up and after 3 more shots the scope was clear again. i shot 2 more shots and on the second one the insides of the scope seemed to go into pieces. Looked like something exploded inside it.
I returned the centerpoint to wally world and got a bushnell sportsman 4x12x40. The bushnell is clear focus at any power and zeroed in after about 8 shots (20 yards). I then proceded to shoot the bullseye (3/4" round) about 30 times (20 yards) and it dint miss a shot. so far i have shot about 60 or 70 pellets with the bushnell and its still going strong with this powerfull springer. The bushnell dosent have all the fancy features of the centerpoint but Clarity is much better with the bushnell. Im gonna shoot a few more hunderd pellets to see if it holds up. Only time and shooting will tell.
Overall, the gun has smoothed out real well. i dont find it too hard to cock. (Im 5'11" 220#). Its a little heavy but i like heavy pellet guns. The gun is as accurate as it could be and very powerfull. I hevent tried anything but daisy wadcutters in it and they shoot as good as i can aim. Its not a wall hanger, its a critter killin beast but The quality of the gun is awsome. Would be nice if i could find someone that made a wooden stock for it.
Anyone else have any opinions??

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Re: walther talon .22 new production changes/ review
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2009, 10:12:11 AM »
Are the screws in the forstock still a reverse thread?
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Re: walther talon .22 new production changes/ review
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2009, 02:36:01 PM »
i have a walther talon .22. I would love to have a wooden stock. is there any chance you could make another one or sell the one you allready made? by the way, the new one i have has only one screw on each side in the front. the srew on the right side screws into the screw on the left. it dosent screw into the "receiver" itself. they are right hand threaded