Author Topic: RESULTS: 30 Yard Bench Rest A.R. Match #22  (Read 1096 times)

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RESULTS: 30 Yard Bench Rest A.R. Match #22
« on: September 21, 2009, 03:26:01 AM »

Again, another match affected by the "FUN SHOOT" at Timmy's ! I think I'll try to make it mandatory for those that participate at the FUN SHOOT, to fire the matches :)

A BIG "THANK YOU" to those that remembered the GTA Matches !!!!!


NovaRWS Panther ProRWS 3-9x40mmJSB ExpressBench19551
RonbeauxHW-77kBushnell 3x12.20 Cal CPBench19002
Gamo2HammerliGamo ViperBarska 3x12x50mm.177 Beeman KodiaksBench/Front Bag17903
JQRCrosman Nitro3-12X40mm Centerpoint.22 JSB 18.1 .22 calBench11704
Gene SCBSA LightningBSA 3-12X44mmJSB .177 ExactsBench0
MagnumRWS 52Leaper 3x9x50mm AO.177 Beeman FTSBench0
JDnearACPanther Pro CompactCenter Point 4-16X40mm.177 RWS SuperdomesBench0
irvingernieRWS Panther 34CenterPoint 4-12X40 AO M.D.JSB ExactsBench000
ThemanatorDaisy 953Barska 6x24x42mm AO177 JSB Crosman WCBench000
TCupsBeeman R-9Bushnell 4-12x40mm AOCP .20 calBench000

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