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Support the GTA...The shirts and hats are ready
« on: September 24, 2009, 10:00:28 AM »

Hey everyone... of course our forum is free to all (except for Gene who pays for everything) :0 but lets support, publicize and advertise our GTA forum to everyone.">

Supporting our forum!!!!

As everyone knows, all the expenses, time and labor since the “Birth” of the GTA three years ago has been absorbed by Gene and I. The cost of the operation is not free. The same applies the CharlieDaTuna website. It is an expense and a labor of love. It's somewhere that provides a meeting place where airgunners can share info, camaraderie and guidance, a place made available for all to partake in and to have fun and share experiences at no cost to the members.

It is important for the membership to know that neither Gene nor I have ever received nor would we accept any compensation or “kick back” from any outside vendors as is done on many forums and websites. This is by us from us for the membership. However, that said, we will be receiving a small compensation for each of the items sold on the GTA forum and CDT websites. These proceeds will be used specifically to offset past, present and future costs of the GTA operation and to Gene who not only funds our forum out of his pocket but who also puts so much time and effort into our forum.

 KEEP IN MIND, whether it's CDT's  shirts and hats or GTA shirts and hats,  all proceeds will go to the benefit of the GTA forum only.

So click the link below and support your forum and Gene while publicizing and advertising your forum.

In the near future, Gene will set up a specific link and page for us regarding this. It will also be on the CDT website and Gene's website and directed to the GTA forum.


Thanks to all of the membership for your support.

Bob and Gene

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