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Crosman 1760
« on: November 06, 2009, 10:17:41 PM »

I have an older Crosman 1760 that's a real tack driver.  It's as accurate if not more accurate than my Daisy 953.  I've done the trigger mod and added a third screw for the trigger return spring to make the trigger pull adjustable.  It has the Crosman steel breech and it wears a Daisy 853 rear sight.  I modified the front sight by cutting a slot in the blade and adding a small washer insert (insided the hood).  The CO2 is great, no pumping, you get a lot of shots from 1 CO2 cart, more than I usually need before velocity drops off.  

The only beef I have is the stock.  It's a decent looking sporter stock that fits OK but I find that compared to the target stock on the Daisy 953, it's hard to get a straight back trigger pull.  This got me wondering.

I know that the QB78/AR2078 were copied from the old Crosman 160.  Like the Crosman 1760 the barrel/action/tube is held in by a single screw through the stock.  Has anyone tried the putting a Crosman 1760 (or2260) in an AR2078 stock? If you have, what is involved?  Does it/will it fit with little or no modification?

I saw Archer Airguns had damaged/blemished AR2078 stocks for sale a while ago.  Heck even one broken at the wrist could be repaired and with a little Truck Bed Liner on the grip area and fore end (like the stippeling on the high end German guns) and woo hoo, it's off to the races!

Another idea would be to bodge something up similar to Ora's "Stick Stocks" using the Daisy 953 as a pattern.  Being CO2, the inletting isn't as critical as on a springer, it could even be a close fitting square chanel.  The final shape or look could be anything from plain jane to Feinwurkbau, to Tyrolean. Whaterver time and talent will allow.  Could even go all out with an adjustable butt (or butt hook), adjustable comb and palm rest like the Anschuts smallbore target rifles.

Anyone tried this or something similar?

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