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Izzy has landed.
« on: December 07, 2009, 12:47:29 PM »
Read the instructions but did not glean any info about dry firing..........OK, probably OK or NOOOOOOOO!!!  ??

Seller included a tin of Diabolo by Exact, now, being ignernt and grrreeeen all at once, I am wondering what the wgts are.  Or, by this flavor of Exact in .177, is there only one wgt offered?  I have a few tins of the Meisterklugen R10 in 8.2gr but maybe a tad heavy and need to save for the 10m rifle when it becomes feasible?

From your replies, I understand that ea bbl is an entity but have no knowledge/experience to draw from.  If it were projectile wgt @ a given twist, I could muddle thru on memory.

So, went to the garage and shot a decent group, however the distance wasn't decent........only 21 ft/7 long paces.  Musta got a leetle toooo relaxed around shot 6 and it went a couple of diameters out of the group, low.  Methinks it was a serious lack of follow thru as I immediately replayed the shot and realized that it just didn't feel the same then remembered not seeing the sights after the shot - bingo, no FT.

So, now, I need to do some bench work to see what edge can be achieved with the "right" pellet.  Also need to print some targets up and join Tony et al.  Going to take it to the range Th and hope Jordan, Marine Shooter, shows.  Might get him fired up and motivated.  They work'em silly and I think he is plumb tuckered after a full day at the range he oversees.

OK, so much blabbermousing, hope to get a B Square mount soon but am on the fence about sticking with irons.
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RE: Izzy has landed.
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2009, 10:53:43 PM »
Congrat's on the new shooter Tom, keep us updated on your progress with her. :) Ed
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