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Izzy report
« on: December 10, 2009, 03:49:58 PM »
Posted "official info" on the 10m side.

Tried the new Izzy out at the indoor range tonight, sighting in at 25' on a Beeman 25' target - rifle, pistol, potato gun?  I haven't the foggiest what it was designed for but then did some SWAG'ing on my "come ups" and shot 10 fer record at 33' with my shooting bud Dave as witness.  The previous owner included some Diabolo pellets, domed.

Called one shot wide but didn't pay the piper too dearly as it cut the 8 ring at 3 o'clock, whew, skated on that one.
The results were two 8's, two 10's and balance of 9's for a total of 90.

46M, irons, Diabolo domed.  Printed tgt from here.

Getting cool down here but nuttin' like most of the rest of the country.

Hey, did have a sitcheeashun when the seal fell out and my bud didn't notice when he was doing his 10.  He really felt bad as I'd finished my target of record, left him to his own devices with the Izzy and went into the BS room to, well, BS with the guys while he shot.  Walked back out a bit later and he had shots strung in a two foot vertical pattern.  We stumbled around a bit scratching our collective noggin's then we started tracing the air path and discovered a potential leak.  Remember now, two total newbies and a new to them gun.........

I mentioned that maybe a seal should go around the countersunk orifice, he concurred and lo and behold, thar she wuz about 6' in front of the firing line.  Came out when he loaded his first pellet - I'd guess as I had no problems with my ten shots and definitely didn't load and leave the weapon for him......

Ah, the trials and tribs (called drama nowadays) of a newbie AG shooter.
Gunnery, gunnery, gunnery.  Hit the target!  All else is twaddle.

\"Speed is fine but accuracy is final.\"  Wyatt Earp, 1888.

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Re: Izzy report
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2009, 03:58:11 PM »
Great shooting for a new gun.
Some times it takes a bit of shooting to get in the groove with a new gun, at least it does for me.