Author Topic: hawke Nite eye SR 12 scope.  (Read 2847 times)

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hawke Nite eye SR 12 scope.
« on: February 18, 2010, 05:11:35 AM »
well i got the scope and have put it up on the discovery the specs are good and so is the scope.6-24 with a 50 mm AO and an illuminated reticle.
first off the discovery imo deserves this scope and just today i bopped a crow at 80 yds plus with a good cross wind. the gun loves kodiaks and has made mini sniping great fun.
the scope is big and heavy. it has knocked the balance of the gun out of kilter. with the harris bipod and the cree lamp mounted the gun is actually too heavy to be shot off hand.i keep the mag at 12 x and the cross hair(reticle) does a good jig. the clarity is good right across the spectrum till u hit 24 x when things get hazy round the edges.
the reticle takes getting used to and once adjusted to is very precise. just let the scope guide u , the AO matches the distance and the BRC software very well even without a chrony. set the AO right and then let it rip. the carnage is seen very clearly and the discovery is setting up well for long range shots.
the IR is a good feature and works well in low light situations as well as for lamping at the lowest settings. i prefer the green color at night and the red during dusk/ twilight.
so is it worth the 200 pounds i paid for it ? yes .
if i get another scope u can rest assure it will be a hawke sidewinder.
gotta get a condor / AA 410 first.