Author Topic: How I secured my 2240 valve for 3000psi. No screws in the tube  (Read 4310 times)

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Before you get'em all in a bunch, I'm not suggesting anybody use my method of securing their valve. Drilling holes through the tube has worked for so many for so long that I would not begin to suggest that there is another way to do it. This works well for me at 3000psi and looks better to my eyes.

Photo 1 just a porting job. Beautiful? Yeah, I know! I sold this valve, now i'm sick about it and want it back.

I drilled the valve set-screw hole all the way through. I then tapped the hole for a bigger screw. I machined the screw head to the necessary dia. giving it dia. rim height and cut it to the necessary length. I reduced the crown angle and overall head height. A little filing was needed on the frame to allow the screw head to sit in the handle properly. In Photo 5 you can see the screws tip just short of the valve guide hole. Photo 6,7, show that the new set-screw head is well above the tube OD and extends deeper into the wall of the valve. The deeper set and the bigger SS screw are much stronger
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