Author Topic: Tuned 22 cal TF QB78 Gold w/Many Xtras ($145.00 + shp & in)  (Read 3754 times)

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This is a brand NEW, Tuned and really beautiful 22 cal TF/QB 78 Gold. It has had the seals replaced with better quality material, the valve aligned, a larger diameter breach seal, trigger group flushed and correctly lubed and the loading area polished.

Included with this gun is a brand new Gamo 4x32 scope, bipod, tin of 400+ Crosman Premier hollow points and 2 12gm CO2 cartridges to get you started.

The gun came out of the box with a scratch and 2 small scuffs on the bottom of the stock. Please see photos. $145.00 plus  shp & ins. I accept USPS MO and GunPal and PayPal.

Pics on photobucket