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Silver Eagle
« on: August 10, 2007, 04:31:09 PM »
Not a condemnation, think some effort  in non-lead pellets would be wise in case the anti-gunners come at us from the EPA/LEad contamination side of things.   But this effort isn't going to make you put away your lead pellets.

Test both types, the wad cutter and the hollow point.  Different guns will shoot differently., but the test rifle was a basic Crosman 17/2250 from the custom shop.  Untuned, as issued, 24" barrel shooting at a controled 86degrees from bench at only 20yards.  Vel. average with favored 8.2gr. pellets averaged 654fps. Just three 5-shot groups for each typle.  Past experinece has shown that the first 32shots from this gun are consistant...after #30 the gas was drained, a new cartridge inserted, two shots fired, and ready to go for the next 30 rounds.  Fired at a rate of 1 shot per min. to allow the gun's temp to stabalize.

Lead pellets all shot resonably well...the three outstanding were  the RWS Basic got 671fps (av.) shooting an average of .23", Kodiak's averaged 574fps/.25", and Gamo Match 658fps/ .26".  9 other pellets were tested, showing ho-hum .4" to .6" averages.

Point being the Crosman SE's ended up dead last.  The wadcutters averaged .73" and the Hollow points a horrible 1.56".  The hollow points showed tumbling, being non-stable and tearing through the target paper sideways.  The Wad Cutter's holes had evidence of slight tipping (all the holes were ovals, with a gray "smile" to one side). Even gamo Raptors avaeraged .60", and they are not noted for being an acccurate pellet.

Vel. gain?  Not in this gun...lead 7gr. shoot 671fps, non-lead 4.9gr. SE's averaged 701fps.  IF I had to gues why so little gain, I'd go with skirt diameter/thickness.  Might be just the ticket to get springers to shoot them faster...the added resistance on engravement might make up for the lack of mass and allow good springer compression....and perhaps a choked barrel might do them some good...but they certainly aren't favored in this barrel.

Will run some though two match guns tomorrow (and older FWB 150 and an RWS 75), and will toss in a couple of springers (HW 77 and an old HW 35)that have a prooven accuracy record.
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Crosman: Thanks for trying.  It's not vel. that should be a goal, but accuracy.  The lead contamination issue does need to be addressed, esp. as airguns are more often used inside the home.