Author Topic: Did my 1st Trigger Mod. lastnight  (Read 3566 times)

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Did my 1st Trigger Mod. lastnight
« on: August 17, 2007, 12:38:07 PM »
Well,after shooting about 500 pellets through my new Gamo whisper to break it in before I mounted the scope,laser & light I've decided that the terrible trigger pull had to go.So I found a guy on another forum Rich from Mich. that has an insert that alott of CFX owners has installed and swears by them.The insert was only $8 and he sends all the instructions to do this trigger Mod.So lastnight I tackle this on and right off the bat had problems getting the trigger assembly off so I called this guy up and he assures me that it will come off.After alott of yankin & crankin I get this off and take the whole trigger group apart polish up and deburr,open up the holes alittle and when it came to the time to put it all together I got lost.. I mean total blank on how all this goes back together plus the trigger insert mod.So now its late at night and I e-mail this guy and within 10 min. he emailed back a more detailed photos of exactly how it goes together.So about 2 am Its all back together gun ready to test and the 1st thing I notice is the safety lever moving click..back apart and I had the spring backwards, back together..Test Fire.bapp..way too adjusted screw in, I now have about 1/8" 1st stage and crisp 1/8" 2nd stage.. SWEET
The stock Gamo trigger was causing me to pull right & hi because of the travel and lbs.pull
Sorry for the long winded post..and can anyone tell me how I can post pics on this forum I gotta show you guys this gun now that the scope,laser,light & Bi-pod is installed