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Mendoza RM200 5.5 cal
« on: November 18, 2007, 03:11:51 AM »
Today My Mendoza RM 200 arrived when I got home from work. It came in a previously opened, tattered box that was well packed and double boxed from Airgun Warehouse Inc in Texas . Interestingly it also came with a couple of Pyramyd Air Flyers??? from Ohio!
Curious about it's condition I immediately opened to find a somewhat impressive looking gun. I'm used to Chinese. Bluing is excellent (no brown) fit and finish is, I'd say, above average.
The Nice stuff is the plastic sealed, hand written, ID card that came attached to it stating this gun has a tested 1.14 lb trigger and shoots 700 fps also a certificate number and signed by, and I'm guessing, a company worker.
Being as easily influenced as I am I came across this gun by reading the following reports. Then I found Airgun Warehouse is still selling them for $89.99
Seems like a no brainer.
I'll let you all know more when I get some rounds through her.
Has anyone out there had some time with this gun?

Took her out to set the sights and Chrony her today.
seems like 650 to 675 is about it with 14.3g superdomes.
At first I couldn't get the sight low enough for my usual 10 yd sighting. So in frustration I compensated by shooting low and found although aggravating it was extremely consistent
I then tried the target that was 20 yds out and it shot just a tad low so i began to use the sight without lowering in compensation.
At 30 yds and it was dead on.
I've never shot a gun with open sights this far that's this accurate.
I do attempt to sight my new gunsl with open sights first and then scope them . They usually do pretty good out to 25 yds or so. This Mendoza RM-200 had me giggling at 35 yds hitting whatever I wanted. It doesn't seem to be pellet fussy either.
I love the aluminum muzzle.
Needless to say I'm very happy with this gun.
It's trigger is fantastic,
The recoil is little to none,
the weight is light and
it's powerful enough for me.
I will bring it up to aprox 700fps eventually.
I think I'll be shooting this for a long while

Curiosity got the best of me today.
I read a bad review of the RM600 last night and it was from a guy who took his apart and claimed it was horribly finished lubed and assembled.
I'm happy to say I found nothing of the sort, just the opposite in fact!
There was honestly nothing to do inside there. Everything and I mean everything was polished to a chrome shine. Spring ends, trigger components etc.. all fit and finish was better than I had hoped for and certainly better than I could do myself. The lubricants used seemed of good quality with the proper amounts in their proper places. Not to much and not to little. A nice thick grease on the polished spring ends still remained.
The trigger assembly is part of the rear spring stop and is one complicated design. It is especially hard to reassemble if it should spring apart during disassembly as mine did.
I did get it all back together and took it out for a few more near perfect scope less rounds.
My favorite gun of all time is the last one I bought!!