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Pistol review; Beretta PX4 Storm .177 Blow Back
« on: January 23, 2008, 09:15:49 PM »

Prior to purchasing the Walthers CP88c I had ordered and received  A Beretta PX4 Storm pistol.  It's a newish gun from Umarex so I trust it will be reliable as well as dam good looking.

It is really a fun gun that has taught me that a gun really doesn't have to be particularly powerful to be entertaining.

Again as advertised the gun does shoot pellets over the chrony @ the claimed 380fps + or - depending on pellet weight.

I like the 8 + 8 double ended clip. Eight pellets fit in each rotating mag at either end of a magazine stick so you shoot 8 rotate then shoot 8 more.

While pulling the reasonably light trigger the top of the pistol recoils back setting up the guns cocking for the second half of the double action trigger to be pulled. . An extremely entertaining feature that probably reduces the power and aim and is responsible for the dismal but ok 40 pellet per C02 shot count.

The aim is reasonable since it is not a target gun and you can run off 8 rounds as fast as you can pull the trigger so you will more than likely plink your intended target.

It feels good in the hand and takes nearly no getting used to, has reasonable weight to it with clever use of metal in the right places (Gamo like but with weight) and it has the usual Umarex/Beretta good looks.

If it only had a longer barrel and a little more power it would be a perfect example of this type of gun But It's $80 delivered so I'm not complaining considereing the amount of entertainment it is providing..

But wait, Umarex also makes the  Magnum Research Desert Eagle, a big 11" C02 with blow back, a 5.5" barrel and a claimed 425fps.

It will be here today and I'll post a review soon.

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Re: Pistol review; Beretta PX4 Storm .177 Blow Back
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2008, 02:49:41 PM »
I've been looking hard at the Desert Eagle as well, Dank.  Lookin' forward to your review on that beast!

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