Author Topic: Pistol review; Desert Eagle By Magnum Research  (Read 2466 times)

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Pistol review; Desert Eagle By Magnum Research
« on: January 24, 2008, 09:20:32 PM »

Preliminary review as it came at 7:00 last night.

This gun is big! It's 11" long and over 2 lbs. A handful to say the least.

With it's 5.5" barrel and adjustable rear sight, I had high hopes for some accuracy from this gun and it did'nt let me down.

Having the same internals as the CP88, Beretta 92fs and the Colt 1911 with different barrel lengths I had a lot of promise it would be a powerful shooter.  Again It shoots consistently above the advertised FPS.

The heavier, Gamo Magnums 7.8g averaged, 447.3 fps

The light,  RWS Hobby 7.0g,  averaged 488.9 fps

And I had to try the Ultra light, Raptors @ 5g. resulting in an average of 560.4 fps with a high of 633!!

Over short distances the gun seems to hold its accuracy as good as the CP88 from walther.  Pretty good from a 5.5 inch barrel.

It comes with two 8 round clips which is fine since after one clip the C02 needs a rest.

 What it doesn't have is the fine detail of the CP88 or the clever C02 insert. It comes in a milticolored cardboard box instead of its own plastic case and you have to supply tour own allen screws and screwdrivers not supplied with the exception of the. (I'm not crazy about)  tool necessary to remove the C02 cartridge which is sctually a large regular slotted screwdriver for the screw on the bottom of the grip.(pia)

Take the power of this gun, combined with the blow back actuated bu C02 and I'm lucky to get four consistent clips out of it. 32 shots go by fast with this gun. But given it's exceptional aim it's worth it!

Given its length and the top and bottom Picatinny rails, it should be  fun adding accessories and scopes without looking for some kind of adapter from pic to 11mm as with past pistols. I'm thinking a multi reticle scope?

I'm not disappointed at all and think at $125.00 it fits in perfect between the $80.00 Beretta px4 and the $160.00 CP88c. Having the CP88 aim and internals it's a good deal.

My favorite gun of all time is the last one I bought!!