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Beeman Perfect Rounds from DaveD
« on: March 06, 2008, 04:52:45 AM »
Dave, thanks for the rounds, sorry it's taken me so long to post.  First off, when you said you'd send me some, I was expecting 10-20 loose rounds in an envelope, had no idea you were sending a whole tin!  Thanks, man, I owe you a favor!

I live in Indiana, and our weather has been crazy for a few weeks now, and I haven't been able to get out and shoot much (other than into the snow in the backyard now and then).

I promise, I'll do a thorough review with the round shot, as soon as the weather cooperates.

What I do have is some short-range, indoor results.  These are very preliminary, though.

The Baikal magazine managed to hold the Beeman Rounds, though they were pretty loose.  I figured out that if I loaded the mag in nearly perpindicular to the floor, but tilted slightly forward, the Rounds wouldn't roll out :)  Took a couple tries though.

Shooting 10 meters from the trap in my office, sitting on the floor in the lab (sorry, no bench inside), I got a 7-shot group that measured just over 1.25 inches.  The missing 8th shot actually made the group 2.25 inches, but I'll call it a flyer until I can test some more.  I did measure off the 10M, too, just to be as faithful as possible.

Just out of curiosity, I brought my "Auld Reliable", Daisy 777, in with me, and it really loved the round shot.  Pushing them into the barrel was definitely more effort than a wadcutter, but they shot very consistent and dead on my aimpoint.  I'm going to order a few tins of Beeman Perfect Rounds for my other low power guns this summer (I have - admittedly unfounded - high hopes for their performance in my QB-88 and CAR-78a).

Coincidentally, my new IZH-53M pistol arrived about the same time your ammo did.  This is a breech loader, but it looks like the opening at the back of the breech is large enough to seat a round ball in.  I'm going to run the Beeman rounds you sent me through it, up against some pellets and see how it does.  As of yet, I haven't even been able to play with the new IZH.  :o

Thanks again for the ammo, I will give you more info when I can go outside without dying... -JC :emoticon: