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Decided to break my silence
« on: June 18, 2006, 09:11:53 AM »
I've been silent on these forums for the past 3 years with exception to the occasional post here or there about something non-controversial. I was pretty active about the same time Bob Werner came onto the scene. We became friends & shared ideas & information and had general talks about life, families & airguns. Bob, at the time had several documents compiled & shared all the information with me freely. At one time I was negotiating the purchase of "The Pellet Trap" & had met frequently with the owner in Houston as I live in San Antonio. I spoke to Bob & asked him if he was interested in selling tuned guns I would buy & pay him for his services. He was not interested but never hurt my feelings or crushed my dream, instead he only encouraged me in all I ever spoke about to him. I even encouraged him to sell his tune documents to ppl via a cd or password access. He refused the idea because he didn't want to make money off of ppl & wanted everyone to have access to the information. So when I hear ppl say Bob is greedy it really pisses me off! Unlike Bob, I'll tell you to f-off as certain ppl can attest to or offer to come to town and kick the sh.. out of you.
My sharp temper & anger problem was eventually why I decided to abandon these forums.
Bob was a good man & great at his craft but I remember he never wanted to go into business & told me some years ago when it was work & he didn't enjoy it he would be done with it! He told the truth then & is still telling the truth today from what I've read.
I read everything out here & know some ppl love the soap opera feel of forums & will never be satisfied to resolve small issues but rather escalate them into huge problems. Remember, why we got into this sport to begin with???? I bet not! I did because I needed a quiet gun to kill squirrels in my back yard & the pos daisy's at wally world sucked!
Spend more time outside shooting & less time trying to find a better gun to shoot on the web & I promise you no-matter what piece of crap you shoot your groups will shrink as well as your stress level.
Bob, screw everyone that thinks your trying to take them for a ride or have wronged them & get out in your yard & enjoy shooting your wonderful creations!! I wish you nothing but luck & happiness!

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What he said nt
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