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This is the complaint as well as the responses in their entirety. The only change that has been made is the I put them in sequence for better reading and deleted the anti virus comment and notifications and his e-mail addres server.

: Bob
Subject: RE: Robert Seidl RE: Notification of payment received
Hello Robert,
I received your trigger last week.  In looking it over, I noticed a few things I wanted to ask about before trying installation.  
On the right side of the trigger (when viewed form the back), the chamfer on the large hole was not complete and left a small section of the hole (less than 1/64 inch) abruptly un-chamfered (you catch your nail on it) .  Additionally the small hole is not chamfered on about a quarter of its surface, like the chamfer tool was cocked to one side when the hole was chamfered. Also on the right side, just above the small hole, there is a very small, shallow crater of the type made by a light hit with a center punch. The edges of the crater are slightly erupted (you can catch your nail on them) and the gold color is removed (when viewed under magnification).    
On the left side of the trigger, the large hole is not chamfered on about a quarter of its surface, like the chamfer tool was cocked to one side when the hole was chamfered.
After viewing the exacting manufacturing process described on your website, I wondered if these imperfections are normal, or should they be corrected?  
Also, I bought your trigger for my Gamo Whisper even though I didn't see the Whisper specifically listed on your website.  I assumed it was covered under the catchall: "Gamo (all late production rifles including those not listed here)".  Is that correct?
Thank you,
Bob Seidl

To: rjseidl@
Subject: RE: Robert Seidl RE: Notification of payment received
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 18:24:29 -0400
Hi Robert:
The holes are not precision chamfered and are chamfered roughly by hand only to make it easier to mount on the jig pins without damaging them during later stages of machining and have no adverse effect in the operation of the trigger. They are not imperfections and are normal and would be found to some degree on all of the last 4000+ triggers.
I don't know about the "punch" mark and that would not be normal and have never seen it before. It wouldn't affect anything and if you have to look at it with a magnifying glass to see any anodizing damage it can't be very severe.
Yes, it does work in the Gamo Whisper but I suggest that you do not  install it and that you return it for a full refund.
Send it to:
Robert Werner
112 Tiffan Ct.
Simpsonville,  SC  29680
Thank you

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From: Robert Seidl [mailto:rjseid
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2008 9:56 PM
To: Bob
Subject: RE: Robert Seidl RE: Notification of payment received
Hi Robert,
Thanks for answering my questions so quickly.  I appreciate the explanation.  Why do you suggest that I not install it and return it for a full refund?  
Thanks again
Bob Seidl

To: rjseidl@
Subject: RE: Robert Seidl RE: Notification of payment received
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 23:54:49 -0400
Hi Robert..
The reason that I suggested you returning it is that I got a very strong impression that you are one of those persons that can be very hard to satisfy and go beyond the norm to find issues with "things". My first thought was "I wonder if he takes his magnifying glass with him to the restaurant and examines his dinner ware and eating utensils".
 Of the thousands of triggers sold, not one has ever questioned the machining of the GRT. Not one and there have been many machinists, tool workers and engineers that have bought the GRT and commented how well it is made. The reputation of the GRT-III world wide stands on its own.
I have a very strong gut feeling and almost sure that you will find some fault with or will not be satisfied with the GRT-III trigger and have complaints and to make a couple of dollars is not worth it to me. I'd much rather just give your money back.
Again, I'd much prefer that you return it for a refund.


Hi Robert,
Actually I am the kind of guy who likes to do things right the first time.  Before I start any project, especially one I don’t have experience with, I look at any written materials available to me (funny, your website suggests just that) and check out any parts I am going to use.
Your trigger was recommended to me by a rep. at the Gamo booth at the NRA Annual Meeting in May; I was impressed by that.  Before ordering, I was also impressed by your website and the extensive instructions, pictures, and explanations.  (I noticed the magnifying light on your bench and that some of your pictures were magnified about 600 times - what conclusion about your eating habits should I draw from that.)  I was impressed with your fast service.  I was very impressed with the overall quality of the trigger, but your chamfering sucks.  It is like you built a Porsche and sent it to Maaco to do the paint job.  You do your own product a great disservice with such a crappy hand chamfer.
Your instructions talk about problems with Gamo parts that could cause the trigger blade to hang up, or your trigger to bind on the sides of the trigger housing.  You suggest fixes like filing a few thousands off the height and/or width of bear trap link, or filing the rough edges of the trigger housing.  But you scoff at my questions about whether raised metal on the side of your trigger from a punch mark and an un-chamfered section and poorly chamfered sections of the holes on your trigger might be imperfections that could cause problems.  (The un-chamfered section is so unusual that myself and others thought it must have a purpose as it would be hard to chamfer a hole and leave a piece of metal like this behind.)  Given your instructions and the perfect chamfer and sides on the triggers pictured on your website, why shouldn’t I question the imperfections before installation?  You asked for input, but apparently you can’t handle anything other than positive responses.
You mentioned that nobody had ever questioned your machining before (neither did I by the way, just the lousy chamfer and punch mark).  Don’t kid yourself.  Most consumers don’t bother contacting a manufacturer because they figure it is a waste of time (as in your case).  What they do though is talk to others about problems and limit their purchases.  Given the vast number of Gamo rifles alone out there, you should have sold 104,000 by now, not just 4,000.
Some recommendations for you:
Explain in your order/shipment confirmation that you can only handle positive feedback.
In your “Making Trigger” section on the website under “Preparing the plate for cutting”, replace: “32 holes, are slightly chamfered by hand to remove sharp edges” with “32 holes, are not precision chamfered and are chamfered roughly by hand…....and have no adverse effect on the operation of the trigger”.
Better yet, figure out how to do a chamfer that matches the quality of your trigger.
Finally I recommend you remove that lighted magnifier from the back round in your picture and stop magnifying all those pictures on your website, lest some idiot thinks you take your magnifying glass with you to the restaurant to examine your dinner ware and eating utensils.
The trigger will be on its way back to you shortly for a full refund.  I will be checking out the GTA forum as well.
It’s been real,
Bob Seidl


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