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Bejamin Super Streak -
« on: July 01, 2008, 03:05:18 AM »

This is my first review, so I will try to make it worthwhile.  

This is my first review, so I will try to make it worthwhile. I purchased this rifle in .22 as my first springer. I have several other airguns, all pumpers and made the decision to try something new. One of my focuses in my pellet shooting is hunting, so the extra striking power of the .22 cal pellet weighed into my choice of caliber.
 The rifle arrived yesterday and my first impression is, Wow...this is a large air rifle. I own several powder burning rifles that are larger, so I was not daunted by this rifle's heft. My personal opinion is that this is a plus for an arm intended for accurate shooting anyway.  Smaller framed individuals might find the Super Streak a bit cumbersome for extended carry in the woods.


It is definitely larger and heavier than my Benjamin 397, as exhibited my the photo below.



The rifle itself seems to be pretty standard in design to the other break barrel springers I have encountered so far.  The initial effort to dislodge the barrel for cocking is pretty stout.  A quick hard knock is required to get the process started, but then the process gets easy (for me).

Firing this rifle is straight forward.  I use an open hand to balance the rifle.  Only the lightest of contact with the trigger and mid stock, and a solid cheeking with firm shouldering to round out the grip.  I hope this makes sense.  Be prepared for a hefty recoil as it relates to airguns.   I understand the physics of the sprigner design, but am still always amazed at the amount of recoil that these rifles deliver.  Coming from a long range firearms shooting background, it is actually very light in reality.

The trigger has A LOT of creep with a couple of snag points along the way.  It amazes me that manufacturers do not take the time to smooth out their triggers, but it is a fact of life, even in the firearms world.  I ahve a GRT-III on the way and I am confident that will bring this rifle into its own.  I thought about working the existing trigger, but once I factored in the time and effort required to make it truly usable...well the small price for the GRT seemed very reasonable.


One thing that I noted was that you have to pay attention to where your extremities are during the cocking process.  An incomplete fold can cause some damage if the barrel is alowed to pinch your hand (as exhibited in the photo).  It was painful, but with some prompt medical attention (peroxide and NeoSporin) I was shooting again in about 15 minutes.



I have read a few reviews and one thing that was noted was how loud this rifle is.  Personally, I found it too be pretty quiet when compared to my 397, or even my HB17 air pistol.  My first shot had me smiling at how quiet subtle the volume actually was.  Even my roommate was wide eyed over it.  We expected a loud gun and it just did not bear out.  This is a good thing as we both are conscious of our neighbors.


Accuracy is so-so, but this is to be expected.  I have put a total of about 30 pellets through it and while I am close to the target, it is still inside the break in period.  I am confident that this rifle will come into its own in the next few hundred rounds.


Both Dan and I noted the power difference when the pellet gets to its target.  The small Gamo target dented up after a few shots and so we stopped using it with the Super Streak.  We have a couple of plywood target boards on the hillside at about 30 yards.  It was able to perforate the ½” stuff without any fanfare.  Be careful and pay attention to your backstop with this weapon.  It IS powerful.


My best 3 shot group so far has been about 1” at 25 yards.  I am aware that this will improve as the barrel and action season.  I have several tins of pellets, so I will just keep on shooting it!


This entire review is based on the rifle in its stock form using iron sights.  Yup, I am breaking the rifle in using the irons.  The scope that came with the rifle is excellent and I am sure that it will be a great asset to the overall system once I start to use it.  I have always broken in my rifles using open sights (when they were provided) and this is no different.

My overall impression of this rifle is that it is a fine weapon.  A little rough around the edges, but definitely worth its price.  Hope you all enjoy this review!

Daisy Powerline 880, Benjamin Super Streak and 397 rifles.  Benjamin HB17 pistol.

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Re: Bejamin Super Streak -
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2008, 04:24:55 AM »
Hey Matt, enjoyed the review. Sorry about getting pinched though.Ouch!You will really appreciate how much easier it is to shoot accuratly once you install the GRT111 trigger.I think you are right to spend some time shooting with the open sights before mounting the scope. It will tell you if the gun has accuracy issues that are not scope/mount related. These guns have good accuracy potential and power.I have no problem shooting spent .22 rimfire cases @25 yds with mine with CP's.Good luck with your new shooter.

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Re: Bejamin Super Streak -
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2008, 06:12:04 AM »
Bought a .22 Streak 3-4 weeks ago. Put in the GRT-lll. Huge difference. Mine got even quieter after about 375 shots. Hits real hard at 70'. Haven't had more range at this point. Very accurate so far. Seems to like a clean barrel. It is a bit long and heavy, but since you burn powder, not bad. Hope the GRT gets to you soon!! Have a great day and stay safe - Lee

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RE: Bejamin Super Streak -
« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2008, 01:01:29 PM »
A follow up to my initial review...installed is a fresh GRT-III trigger and OH MY!  It has created a whole new rifle out of the Super Streak.  Aesthetically I think the Super streak is a great looking shooting.  Mine came with great bluing, nice furniture and the design is eye pleasing to me.  My only complaint would have to have been the trigger (this is my complaint about most airguns).  This is no longer an issue and the paltry $32 for the new one is money well spent.  I will be posting some more in the Airgun Gate and also the Hunting Gate soon.
Daisy Powerline 880, Benjamin Super Streak and 397 rifles.  Benjamin HB17 pistol.