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This is kind of a mixed review.  The other day I received the Gamo "Tomahawk" and JSB Predator .177 pellets I ordered, as well as the shoulder stock for the Crosman 1377c pistol.  I thought I'd just give a quick preliminary review of all three.

First the shoulder stock:  A great item.  Turned  my 1377c from a pistol into a really neat little carbine.  The addition of the stock makes it much easier to pump and also makes it extremely easy to get the pistol on target and hold it steady.  I wasn't sure how comfortable it would be when shouldered, but it's great.  I enjoyed shooting the pistol without the stock, and was getting extremely good accuracy out of it, but with the first shot I took with the shoulder stock on I could tell I love the pistol even more.  The stabilizing effect the stock gives me makes it much easier to hold my red dot sight on target and my pellet groups are a solid dime sized hole at 20 yards.  

Gamo Tomahawk Pellets:  This is just a quick review since the only gun I fired them from so far was my 1377 pistol (with the stock on).  The pellets shot ok but nothing great.  At 10 yards they gave groups about 2 inches, and the same at 20 yards.  At first I thought it might be me so I switched over to the JSB Predator Pellets.  With the first shot using a Predator I discovered the problem was not me, it was the Tomahawks.  I still have to try out the Tomahawks in my rifles so I'm hoping one of the guns likes them.  

JSB Predator Pellets:  Used the Crosman 1377c again at the same 10 and 20 yard ranges, however the result was remarkedly different than the Gamo pellets.  At both ranges the predators shot ragged one hole groups dead center of the target.  I was really impressed.  Without a doubt the best shooting pellet in my 1377c out of all the pellets on my shooting bench.  I'm also looking forward to trying these out in my rifles and I hope they work as well in the long guns.  I have yet to shoot any pests/birds with the predators, but after this brief target session I'm looking forward to taking aim at some starlings or pigeons and see how they perform.  

Well, that's it.  If I do more testing I'll post the results..  Good shooting all.

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I would be interested to see your test results with those predators with your rifles. Been hearing allot about them but have put off buying any until I heard from one who can shoot...:)

Let us know Jeff

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I'm gonna guess...
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That your rifles'll love em.

The predator rounds are one of the hardest hitting and most accurate pellets I can buy for my Shadow 1000.

Example being a dropped rabbit from a 45 yard prone shot.  1 hit in the neck, rabbits sleeps.   Another being a chipmunk headshot at about 15'.  In one side, out the other (*yeck) and no more chippy.

I've had great results with them for hunting AND for target practice.

Good review LI, looking forward to more.
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