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Airforce Talon SS CO2
« on: April 20, 2007, 02:02:46 AM »
OK, here's the review on the Talon SS. I rooted around in my junk box and found a set of Tall Rings that I forgot I had.

All tests were with Crosman Premier Light 7.9 Gr. Round Nose and a 9oz Paintball Tank

     After setting up the scope & Zeroing for 10 Yards I shot for groups. Sitting position using my knees as rests. Accuracy is VERY good! Groups came out average of 3/8"  "Ragged Hole". Moved out to 30 yards and was pleasantly surprised that POI and POA are still the same as at 10 yards. Group size is only slightly larger. AT the 50 yard mark is where the POI dropped a bit. But accuracy is STILL Minute of Squirrel.

     Pyramid advretises this gun at 700 FPS MAX. But after shooting a 30 shot string over the Chrony, muzzle velocity is significantly higher.(10 shots each at Low, Mid, and High Power Levels)  Left at the Factory Set Power Level, the average MV was 790. Turning the power Up to max only yielded another inconsistent 5-10 FPS and some CO2 "Snow" . Dialing the power Down to minimum dropped MV to a VERY Consistent 703 FPS. The lower power also quieted the gun down very nicely as well.

     The rifle over all is very simple. Single Shot, Pistol Gripped, with a straight/low action. This rifle shoulders VERY much like an M-16. The grip feels similar, points almost the same is is very close to the same weight. I have Simmons Tall Rim Fire Rings mounted now and the scope still seems a bit low. I think this would be a problem if/when I switch to the 20oz CO2 bottle.

     For Forearm is short and skinney. I wish this part of the rifle had a bit more beef to it. Slightly Wider would be nice. The pistol Grip feels slightly Cheap. You can see large parting Lines in the plastic where it came out of the Mould. It also sounds really hollow if knocking on it. The corners on the grip are also very square with onlly a small radius.

     Cocking the rifle is also a bit  awkward. To cock it, you have to Push the bolt Forward toward the muzzle. This is going to take some getting used to. As the rifle is cocked, the safety automatically sets itself. Load the rifle, pull the bolt back and rotate the bolt handle either left of right to lock it in.  Loading is also VERY Easy. It's almost the same as loading a B3. But the loading port is MUCH larger and the Barrel Breach is easier to get at.  CPL's fit slightly loose in the Breach. They just drop right in. I ended up using a homemade tool to seat the pellet into the bore.

     Now here's the part that really gets to me. The SAFETY. Looking at it and operating it (or trying to) I have to say that the safety is complete GARBAGE. It's just a small (about 3/16") rod with a red rubber coating at the top/front inside the trigger guard. It's difficult to take off the safety with one finger. You have to completely let go of the grip and pinch the safety and trigger guard to release. The safety also feels very gritty and wiggles all over the place. In order to Set the Safety, the bolt has to be put BACK through the cocking cycle. There's no other way to set it as far as I can tell.

     One aspect of the rifle I like allot is the Rail System. It comes from the factory with three 11mm accessory rails machined into the frame. One above the loading port for a scope. This rail has a nice length to it. Allot longer than any other scope rail I've ever seen. Then one rail above and one below the Barrel Shroud. Both go all the way to the Muzzle. This makes it nice to add a Laser or a Bi-Pod or anything else you can think of that mounts on a dovetail.

       The Flat Black Annodized Finish is nice. but is easily marred. I leaned the rifle against a bench in the back yard and it picked up what I thought was a scratch. Well, it turns out that the Flat Black Annodizing acts like sand paper and pulls stuff right into it. It's easily cleanable, but I'd rather have had a satin finish. Maybe if I wax it the finish will become a bit slicker? We'll find out later.

      Overall, the rifle is Decent. It's not a High Dollar Rifle, but then again...The Price doesn't reflect that either. There are some rough parts here and there. And I'm SURE that threre's PLENTY of things that could be improved. I just haven't found all of them yet 8).

     I'm pretty happy with the gun. But I'd be happier if I paid a hundred bucks less for it. I thought I was getting more for my money. But again, this isn't a high dollar rifle. It's more of a "Tinkerer's Rifle" . A PCP that easily convertible to CO2 and back. It's also relatively cheap enough to mod without really worrying about messing things up.

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Re: Airforce Talon SS CO2
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2007, 12:55:19 AM »
I have the Talon SS in air and your review is pretty right on with my experience.  I'd only add a couple of things:

The safety becomes easeier to operate with use.  Either the parts get worn into place or your finger gets used to it.  Probably a bit of both.

Kodiak Mags do best in mine.  Results may vary.

I'm an open sight junkie and I have to say that the AF factory sights are pretty lousy.  The fiber optic front post, while adjustable for height and very bright, also stands pretty tall due to the design on the rifle.  Although AF did put some side guards on it to protect it, its easily snagged if you are hunting in heavy brush.  And when it snags, it breaks.  The rear sights adjustments for windage are pretty abismal and it slides around a bit as you tighten it up.  

I've changed out the front fiber optic with a piece of machined and blued stainless.  Although it could be bent, its a lot stronger if it gets caught in the brush.  For the rear I've got a machined homemade peep that slides into place where the factory blade used to be.  On the next order from Pyramid will be a Beeman peep..........and after looking at this review, maybe a CO2 conversion!

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Re: Airforce Talon SS CO2
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2007, 01:23:11 AM »
Thanks for the info on the safety  Bob! I took the gun apart yesterday and performed a Lube Job with my Homemade Moly Oil. Everything feels ALLOT smoother now. Especially the trigger. The trigger was Nice before, now it's allot better. I've just gotta do the Preload and Overtravel Mods.

Pellet wise, while I was doing my Shot Count with a 9oz bottle I found that Kodiaks shoot very good as well. It also likes Silver Arrows, Predators, CP Heavies, and Eun Jin. Seems it prefers the heavier stuff.

I'm working on procuring parts for a Regulated HPA set-up.  here's a pic of my Concept:
Not to scale of course
The CO2 adaptor uses a Condor Valve, so there's plenty of flow there.
a CMI 0-900 PSI Inline Mini Regulator
Tippman Gas-Thru Stock and a 4500 PSI Air/Nitrogen Bottle